Haunted Grounds Coffee

Welcome to the Haunted Grounds Coffee by Savannah Scaremaster & Paranormal Society of Savannah.

About Coffee Shop

The Coffee shop was founded by 5 members of the Paranormal Society of Savannah team. Patrick, Pat Sr., Sarah, Courtney, & Jay. The name was thought of by Patrick’s wife, Moody. For several years the team has been looking for a headquarters to host Paranormal Investigating Classes, to review evidence, and more. When the space became available several members got together and came up with the idea of running a spooky coffee shop to help pay for the rent and other expenses. The walls are decorated with paranormal and Halloween memorabilia as well as cases the team has been on.

Haunted Museum

The shop also holds items that were given to them by people who claim the items are haunted. The team has put together a museum for you to look at, but please no provoking, or taunting the items.




912-502 – 2583

248 Butler Ave., Midway, GA 31320