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About Us

Paranormal Society of Savannah is dedicated to providing help and intervention with paranormal phenomena to those in need of answers in their homes and business. We service the greater Savannah area and surrounding cities. If you are experiencing ghost activity, or believe your home or workplace to be haunted. Please contact us by clicking below button.

We do NOT charge for our services. We also travel to other states and cities, however Savannah is our home and main focus.

Lead Investigator & Founder

Patrick D. Welsh,

Patrick D. Welsh, Jr. - a.k.a. "The Savannah Scaremaster" Lead Investigator & Founder- Born and raised in Savannah, GA - Patrick at an early age experienced paranormal activity, ghosts, and supernatural phenomenon. His Uncle Bubba took him to see a Bigfoot movie in the 1970's and has been fascinated with Bigfoot ever since. When he was a teenager he experience paranormal activity in several places he lived and places he visited. One Summer in the 1980's he and 2 other friends witnessed what they believe to have been a cryptid, the Lizard Man, and expanded his love of the Supernatural field. He started the Paranormal Team to not only help his love of the Paranormal, but to help those in need. When he is not working or hunting ghosts, he spends his time raising money for children as a Freemason & Shriner. He is married to "Moody" for almost 25 years, and has 4 cats that he loves to watch paranormal shows with. He loves horror movies and all things Halloween. He has over 30 years in the Paranormal field.

Our Team

David "Flava Dave" Gurule

Investigator & Camera Operator

David "Flava Dave" Gurule is or "Aaron" of the team. A military veteran and lover of the paranormal field. He is a Freemason & Shriner, married with several children.

Walter Finley

Co-Founder Lead Investigator and Equipment Operator

Walter is a military veteran and is a Freemason & Shriner. He is the brain behind the science & technology of our team, and we have yet to see anything scare him, Walter is married with several children.

Pat "Papa Smurf" Welsh

Sr. Investigator Security Chief

Papa Smurf is the Security and Camera operator of our team. A Freemason & Shriner, and when not ghost hunting, spends time fishing or hanging out with his 2 dogs.


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Alee Shriners

Wounded Warrior Project

Humane Society

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Alee Haunted House - Terror Plantation

Shannon Scott Tours (Bonaventure)

The Witching Hour Ghost Tour

Southern Spectral Society

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